Barry Hurter Attorneys

“My name is Barry Hurter. I am a practising Attorney, practising under the name and style of Barry Hurter In. Attorneys.

Elhur-Accounting handle my practice accountanting. Due to the fact that I am conducting an Attorneys practise, I have to keep a bussiness and a trust account in terms of the law.

My books have to be written up diligently on a regular basis and I really rely on Elhur Accouting in that regard. Elize and her team are trustworthy in all aspects and I know that my company`s bookkeeping is in good solid hands.

Elhur Accounting therefore adds value to my company and with them as part of my team I know that my books will always be written up in accordance with the Rules of the Law Society.”


Africa Telco Business

“ My business was 3 months old when I noticed that I needed to expand in terms of getting an accounting package and someone that was capable of looking after the accounts of the business. 

After Elize and I met, she had a great understanding of my business and she has added huge value in terms of the accounts by picking up orders that where not invoiced and payments not captured etc.   

El-hur accounting was the perfect solution as I didn’t have to  employ on a permanent basis

I will keep recommending her services.”


Terry Button B.Comm; LL.B; CA(Z): CA(SA)

“I have known Elize for the past twelve years during which time she worked as the bookkeeper/accountant at Nextube (Pty) Ltd, a company I jointly owned until last year when it was sold to American interests.  She was also a member of the management executive committee of the company.

Elize reported directly to me and I found her hardworking, pleasant and very loyal.  Her work was of the highest order and she contributed greatly to the success of Nextube.  She received glowing reports from our auditors for the detail and accuracy of her general bookkeeping work and also for the preparation of comprehensive audit documentation and reconciliations.

There is absolutely no doubt that she will contribute immensely to any business that she may be involved with in the future either as a full-time employee or as a professional bookkeeping/accounting service and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

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