Payroll Services


Payroll is a critical procedure that is constantly changing in the world of payroll taxes and laws.

Each pay period (whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly) individuals need to be paid for the work they produced. However, payroll is not as easy as it sounds.

You have to have the right tools, procedures, and processes set in place in order for smooth transactions.

Reporting, collecting, and depositing all state, federal, and local taxes to the right authorities. Creating employee garnishments, benefits, deductions, earnings, and taxes can be tedious work.

Outsourcing payroll to a payroll provider company is just the answer!
See below why you should outsource to Elhur Accounting:

  • Cost: An in-house payroll service can be a quite expensive. There is a lot of time spent in producing payroll information. Time being money and going over costly mistakes can be overwhelming and expensive.
  • Productivity: Payroll Management is a time-consuming activity. During the year-end and quarterly processes your staff can relax knowing the employee’s W-2’s and taxes are calculated and filed correctly.
  • Accuracy: Payroll mistakes can be painful. With employees and – more ominously – the government on your back because of a simple mistake can be very frustrating. Working with qualified payroll staff that has access to the tools and resources needed to process payroll efficiently you can count on a payroll provider the first time and every time.
  • Reliability: What if the individual in charge of payroll leaves for vacation, unfavorably becomes seriously sick, or has to take a leave of absence due to medical reasons. You pray none of the above scenarios happen at your place of work, but there are companies that have faced this problem. With a payroll service, you will not have to spend time trying to fill a position to handle your business’s payroll system.
  • Speed: In a jam, need payroll processed immediately! No more worries, a payroll provider can process your payroll instantly, have all your taxes paid and filed, and your employees will be paid on a timely basis every pay period.
  • Insight: A good payroll-service provider will know all the ins and outs of payroll-related issues. A specialist will answer all your questions regarding tax laws, earning and deduction mandates, new hires, ect.
  • Accountability: Payroll providers will bend over backwards to help with your payroll needs. If paychecks are delayed or paperwork is mishandled you have the payroll provider to help yield the missing information and/or cost in a flash.
  • Flexibility: Payroll services do the work for you so you don’t have to. Spend more time managing your business instead of the dreading tasks of payroll responsibilities.
  • Security: Do you have the time and energy to closely supervise your business’s payroll activities watching every hourly input and rate increase? Abiding to the laws of confidentiality most payroll providers have technology and authentication security access to all payroll information.
  • Worry: No more headaches, hassles, frustration: Outsourcing your payroll will bring you PEACE OF MIND that payroll is done right. Now all you have to do is focus on growing a profitable business!

Elhur – Accounting provides a complete payroll service.
Administering a payroll can be time consuming and becomes all the more complex due to the increasing regulations with regards to employment legislation and taxation.

Our service includes:

  • Capturing of employee data and salary information on the VIP or Pastel Payroll system
  • Generation of pay slips
  • Calculations of 3rd party payments (PAYE / UIF / SDL / medical, etc.)
  • Reconciliation of leave
  • Issuing of IRP5 certificates
  • Bi-annual reconciliations and submissions to SARS
  • Full compliance to SARS requirements
  • Completion of Workman Compensation returns
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