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Elhur Accounting serves businesses and individuals in the areas of tax, accounting, business consulting, and business management.

Our reputation for bookkeeping services in Johannesburg has been earned through providing first-class accounting service and distinctive advice to our clients.
We do this through our exceptionally talented people who are creative problem-solvers and make client service their number one priority.
All of our service teams are comprised of professionals, who immerse themselves in their chosen industry niches, become leaders in the related trade groups and extend their expertise to our clients in these areas.

Our accounting team understands the industry-specific issues that often determine business success and we’re here to share our insights with you.

We understand that an accountant’s work requires a high degree of precision and an level-headedness.  Minor oversights can have huge consequences on a your business. A single digit carelessly added or absentmindedly removed will have a domino effect on your financial statements, your business planning, and the auditing of your company books.

You must be careful in selecting a company who will handle your bookkeeping services in Johannesburg. Accountants should possess certain characteristics that will allow them to do their jobs well. We’ve compiled ten traits of an accountant that we believe are very important. Take a look at this list and see if you agree.

  1. Knowledgeable about the latest accounting rules and theories
    It’s not enough to have a solid grasp of the basics. Accountants must constantly stay updated with the general accepted accounting principles of all industries, as well as any changes in tax laws. At Elhur Accounting we pride ourselves for in staying on the knife’s edge of our industry.
  1. Organized and structured
    Staying on top of all the figures, paperwork, and data that accountants deal with daily requires good organization skills.
  1. Accurate and detail oriented
    These traits are crucial in the work accountants do. At the very least, the numbers they are working with have to be accurate and correct. There is no room for error.
  1. Accountable
    No surprise here: accountants must be accountable. No finger-pointing allowed; they know that whatever the outcome of their work turns out to be, the buck stops there, exactly where they are.
  1. Client-centric
    It’s not enough to have a knack for numbers. Accountants must also understand their clients and the type of business their clients have. Having a solid grasp of your client’s business requirements and goals will enable you to decipher what types of economic methods or accounting rules will meet your client’s business needs.
  1. Team players
    The stereotypical image of a lone accountant doing their number crunching in their own cubicles is an inaccurate picture of what accountants actually do. They typically work in teams and have face to face meetings with clients and other decision makers on a regular basis. They are therefore required to be generous with what they know; sensitive to other’s needs, and be supportive of the client’s business needs. They have the ability to work with different types of personalities.
  1. Creative
    Accountants are not solely left brain thinkers. The ideal accountants use their creative sides, too. They make use of right brain thinking to come up with fresh ideas and creative strategies to solve client dilemmas that don’t always show up in textbook cases.
  1. Trustworthy
    The information accountants work with is confidential in nature. This is why professionalism is an important trait that they must always abide by.
  1. Top-notch Communication skills
    Having the ability to interpret jargon and complicated accounting concepts into ideas that can easily be grasped by clients is an invaluable trait that an accountant should possess.
  1. Ethical
    A strong sense of integrity and an inclination toward honesty are traits that inspire confidence in an accountant’s work and professional practice. Managing your business’ finance and accounting on your own is taxing and does not always result in favorable results. With our customized solutions, rest assured that all your concerns would be addressed accordingly and at the same time, it would allow you to concentrate on other important factors vital for your company’s growth.


The Elhur Accounting offices are based in Randpark Ridge, Gauteng.

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